miCal iPad App is my new best friend!

The miCal program and attendant task manager app (in-app purchase) represent the seamless integration of two major productivity functions — calendaring and task management.  

The clean, easy-to-use interface belies the complexity and capabilities of this app.  It is a truly elegant way to manage your schedule and to-do lists.  Some of the features that have improved my productivity include:

  • A wide array of settings can be customized to facilitate quick additions to a calendar or task list.
  • Tasks with due dates can be converted to calendar events with one touch.
  • A dashboard that can display selected tasks, time, weather data, present month thumbnail.
  • Synchronization with other calendars, with color-coding used to indicate origin of the synced events.

These are only a small subset of miCal’s features – check out the complete description at the iTunes app store.