Loving the Livescribe Echo Smartpen!

I have been recommending the Livescribe Smartpen to faculty and students for years; now that I am going back to school for a doctoral degree, it only made sense that I purchase one for myself.  I purchased the second generation of this device — the Echo Smartpen — and the Flip Notepad.  This is a handy little notepad that measures 3.2 x 1.2 x 5.2 inches; the portability means increased usage of the pen as it fits easily into my purse or pocket.

There are so many uses for the Smartpen – check them out and hear testimonials at the company’s website.  I especially like the ability to transfer handwritten notes to my computer, iPad, and the cloud (MyLiveScribe).  The ability to easily and quickly email notes to others is such a timesaver!

I am looking forward to using the audio recording for classes, meetings and conferences.  While I still use my iPad note-taking apps, the Echo Smartpen is the tool of choice when you need to capture and store audio and handwritten notes into a single file that can be shared easily in multiple formats. Since one format is pdf, you can easily open it in an iPad note-taking app if further annotation is needed.

I named my device Penny, though my hubby suggested Penn and Teller which is a more apt name!



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